12 for ’12

Earlier today, I was reading some older blog posts from an artist I admire named Roz Fulcher and came across a rather novel idea that I decided to use for my plans in 2012. Her post was 10 for ’10.  Mine will be 12 for ’12. Twelve “resolutions” for 2012.

  1. Draw every day – no excuses.
  2. Stay positive! Keep a “glass half-full” mentality.
  3. Set goals and a timeline for my portfolio and meet all deadlines.
  4. Experiment with new media and techniques.
  5. Separate my self and my art – don’t let my art define my self-worth.
  6. Join Illustration Friday and stay committed to it every week.
  7. Stay active with my blog posting.
  8. Keep it a priority to work with doctors to fully regain my health.
  9. Take each day one day at a time – don’t sweat the small stuff.
  10. Explore business laws and steps to legally start our business.
  11. Show Jason the same level of support for his goals as he has been for me.
  12. Be kind to my ideas and, most of all, be kind to myself.

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