Back On Track

Well, I have spent the last week or two sewing away, happy as a clam, and letting some new illustration ideas percolate in the back of my consciousness. Had a few mild seizures, but I’m fairly certain that was due to the full moon and not any medication issues. I actually discussed that previously with my neurologist and she confirmed that the phases of the moon as well as hormones can play a key role in neurological issues. I never would have thought that to be true until my own seizures had been affected by them. Interesting tidbits of info… Anyway, I’m back on my illustration game after my little sewing break and have spent yesterday and this morning pouring over my new favorite artists’ blogs and online portfolios. Larry MacDougall and Justin Gerard are the artistic geniuses with which I am now infatuated. Granted, their styles are very different – but I adore them both. (And I mean that in an artistically reverent way, not a creepy stalker way… although I’m sure I will be teased mercilessly regardless.)

I have been aware of Justin Gerard’s work for a while now, being an avid reader of ImagineFX magazine, where he is regularly featured. However, I haven’t really looked at much of his work outside the magazine until now.  I look forward to seeing more of his work. Larry MacDougall is a name I have known for quite some time as well, and I have to say I was very impressed to see what an online presence he has – from him and his wife. Check out both blogs and their links – very cool stuff.

I came across both artist’s blogs while I was lurking around online last night, curled up on the couch under a blanket cursing the evils of barometric pressure and sinus cavities. When I finally passed out around 2am, I dreamed of watercolors, Wacom tablets, and all the vibrant colors of fantasy art. I woke up this morning energized and ready to go, but when I went into the kitchen I found a rather grumpy Jason with a rather whiny Dexter yapping at his heels. Come to find out, by the time Jason wandered in to bed I was sawing logs like there was no tomorrow… and he had a front row seat for the concert. Ah, sweet revenge. Later this morning, he had nothing but problems with his PC – first the video card, then the sound card – and so the grumblings continued. Luckily, he has it all fixed now and is sitting behind me, blissfully unaware, happily clicking/chatting away in the Star Wars Galaxies universe with his online friends while I take a break from my newly inspired sketchbook scribblings to post an entry here and feed stale Cheez-Its to Dexter.

Life is grand.


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